The most famous Japanese in the Middle East

Or 00 years will be leap year

The most famous Japanese in the Middle East Or 00 years will be leap year? 00 Tokyo Olympics is opening to date. The Japanese government has set a numerical goal in the wake of the Tokyo Oripara [00 years inbound million people]. Last time, although the Tokyo Olympics of the year was opened on Good 0 May 0 days of the climate, this is the month of the hot and humid opening. International Olympic Committee (IOC) has received a huge amount of broadcast rights fee from the US broadcast stations, to avoid the United States of the four major sports is popular autumn on account of broadcasting stations, it became a summer Olympics. The government has been working to further growth of inbound and triggered by the Oripara, record heat waves and torrential rains to-month over the last few years, such as the frequent floods, a large damage has occurred. World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is referring to the possibility of extreme weather events, such as record-heavy rain or heat wave that hit Japan has become more extreme in the impact of climate change due to global warming, intense extreme weather events in the acceleration of climate change It has warned that further increase the frequency of occurrence.

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