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The most famous Japanese in the Middle East Our anger is not fit to proceed is very leather! Young people of anger does not fit. It was held in Madrid, Spain, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change the first times the Conference of the Parties (COP). [We can not wait anymore! ]. The venue asked the strengthening of measures against global warming, young people from around the world. Media environmental activist Guretatunberi's every move of Sweden follow. US consulting firm Deloitte Millennial (~ year born), the Generation Z (~ 00 years born) consciousness survey of (year), climate change environmental protection has become a top of [that most are interested]. It is certain that more than ever, crisis awareness of climate change issues. In the venue of COP gathered young people from around the world in search of global warming (Reuters / Afro) However, the reason why the young people sunset in pessimism is not there only to climate change issues. Hong Kong of a distance of about ten thousand kilometers from Madrid East Asia.

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